Guess who’s back…back again…


So, some of you may know that once upon a time, I had a blog. It wasn’t big and it definitely wasn’t important, (I think I had maybe few hundred followers), but I loved blogging and it was really a great way to channel my creativity during a time when I wasn’t doing as much actual design work. However, as I became busier and as social media dug in its claws, I got way too lazy to keep cranking out mediocre posts.

OK, so here I am, years later, (and busier than ever), and I’m blogging again…WHAT THE WHAT!?  

Well, I figured it was now or never for me to participate in the popular One Room Challenge that Linda of Calling It Home created and so, here I am.

What all that means is that ready or not, one week from today I’ll be starting the Challenge and will be linking up every Thursday for the next 6 weeks.

Each week I’ll post progress on my room and the final reveal will be on Thursday, November 12!

I’m either crazy or stupid, or quite possibly, both. Maybe we’ll just say I’m a glutton for punishment?!

Follow along on Wednesdays as the ORC participants post and then come back on Thursdays for all the linking guest participant posts!  It’s gonna be fun and chaotic, but most of all, inspiring!

ORC Guest Blue

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