One Room Challenge Week 1

Ok y’all, here we go!


One room, 6 weeks, progress posts every Thursday.

{For the full explanation, etc. etc. etc. read THIS!}

If you’re new, please read my intro here.

So, I’ve decided that my challenge room will be an overhaul of, (what will be), our guest room.

This little room has changed duties several times in the nearly 10 years we’ve owned our home.  When we bought it, it was used as the owner’s bedroom. (!!)  And I say “owner’s” and not master bedroom because the true master bedroom (with en suite bath) was used as strictly a guest room…strange.

One of the first images of our home, which is forever burned into my brain…


(this is actually the neighboring dining room, which they used as a living room and yes, that is a gimongous bird cage!! You get the idea, though, right?!?!  Yikes.)

We never really saw it as a bedroom because it almost functions more as a pass-through room with a built in hallway, since it has doors on either end, connecting the dining room with the back hallway to the other bedrooms. Again, strange.  We originally used it as a cozy tv room (it was amazing for surround sound!), but then when we switched around a few spaces last summer, it transitioned into part “office” and part catch-all. Then, recently, it was vacated as we finished another space in our basement and created a legit office for my business.20151001_123044

This is from 3 weeks ago, during the tornado of my office move…(which I can’t believe I am showing y’all! My mother is probably hiding her eyes and dying of shame right now…sorry Mom!)

 So, it has really has a sort of sad existence…but NO MORE!

Here is a glimpse of where we are heading:

ellebright designs ORC Board

It’ll be little bit classic-trad, a little bit equestrian, and a whole lot bit pretty!

Follow along here and on instagram and please wish me luck!!!



7 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Week 1

  1. Oh, I absolutely LOVE your design plan! We are kindred spirits; I could not come up with something more “me” if I tried. Cannot wait to see how it goes. And I’m also glad to know I’m not the only one who hasn’t blogged in forever but is picking it up again for the ORC 😉

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