One Room Challenge week 6: The Reveal!

We made it, sort of. After a series of hiccups that wouldn’t quit, here it is. The completed guest room makeover. If you want to see where it all began, check here, (week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4, week 5).

As with all projects of this sort, it was truly a labor of love. But I don’t want to bore y’all with chatter when I know you just want to see pics.  So here ya go!

Ellebright Designs: ORC Fall 2015

Ellebright Designs: ORC Fall 2015

Ellebright Designs: ORC Fall 2015 Ellebright Designs: ORC Fall 2015 Ellebright Designs: ORC Fall 2015 Ellebright Designs: ORC Fall 2015 Ellebright Designs: ORC Fall 2015

Ok, can I jump back in for a sec?  One of my favorite things about this room is that it’s sort of like our guests will get to play a game of I Spy. There’s all sorts of fun and interesting collected knick-knacks, found doo-dads and souvenirs from trips all around the world. Some that we’ve found and some that are from family members. Wanna play?

Can you find:

A Horse Shoe from Mackinac Island?

A 150 year old Railroad Spike from Alaska?

A Nantucket Basket?

An Amethyst Druzy?

An Antique Prayer Chair?

Antique Chinese Calligraphy Brushes?

A Buffalo Horn?

An 1890s Property Survey from near our home?

Cotton Bolls from Georgia?

An Antique Silver Trophy?

An Antique Painted Italian Box?

Currency from Puerto Rico, Honduras, Europe, Canada, Mexico and Barbados?

A Horse Show Ribbon from Colombia?

You get the idea.

Ellebright Designs ORC Fall 2015

My husband’s grandfather’s binoculars and that’s the very first camera my parents bought me in high school. It was vintage then!Ellebright Designs: ORC Fall 2015

Another thing that makes this room special to us are all of the objects of sentimental value. It’s a veritable treasure trove of heirlooms and prized possessions. Did you catch the gallery wall of family photos? Love that. I love old photos and ancestry/genealogy, so, this was a natural choice.  Most are portraits, but all are special. There are even some tinted photos that coordinate nicely with the room! It’s all about details, people!
10    11 Ellebright Designs: ORC Fall 2015After refinishing the vintage dresser, I lined the drawers with this pretty scallop print in a pale aqua.
Ellebright Designs: ORC Fall 201516Here’s the Italian box. It was purchased on my grandparents’ first trip to Italy in the 60s, but it’s much older. Ellebright Designs: ORC Fall 2015

Ellebright Designs: ORC Fall 2015

Mom had this brass plate added to the prayer chair. It has my monogram and baptismal date engraved on it. Just another special item!

Ellebright Designs: ORC Fall 2015

The Reader’s Digest books, (that you see used as props all the time), belonged to my husband’s grandfather. This is just a small part of the collection he owned.

  Ellebright Designs: ORC Fall 2015     Ellebright Designs: ORC Fall 2015Ellebright Designs: ORC Fall 2015 Ellebright Designs: ORC Fall 2015

I will keep that Baies candle forever and ever. It’s one of the last Christmas gifts my Gram gave me. It also happens to be my most favorite scent!Ellebright Designs: ORC Fall 2015 Favorite books, including a tattered copy of a 1950s novel The Late Bride, that I have read at least 5 times, (For the same reason I love of old movies, I find the early-mid 1900s vernacular and culture fascinating). My late aunt purchased it on the day of my wedding, at a sale, and wrote a sweet inscription. Ellebright Designs: ORC Fall 2015Ellebright Designs: ORC Fall 2015

Ellebright Designs ORC Fall 2015

Here you can see the steel bases my husband cut and brother in law welded for me and a collection of wine corks from special events, celebrations, and trips.

Ellebright Designs: ORC Fall 2015

The antique German hand-embroidered Euro pillow shams were a wedding gift from my Dad’s cousin and his wife, who are expats in Germany. Aren’t they pretty??

Thank you for stopping by to see and for your sweet comments and encouragement!  I hope that you’ve enjoyed following along and think our new guest room is as pretty as I do!

Please check out the other participants, there are some truly jaw-dropping transformations!! You can find them all here.

Thanks to Linda of Calling It Home for hosting! I can only hope that one day I get to participate as an invited guest! So much fun!!



One Room Challenge Week 1

Ok y’all, here we go!


One room, 6 weeks, progress posts every Thursday.

{For the full explanation, etc. etc. etc. read THIS!}

If you’re new, please read my intro here.

So, I’ve decided that my challenge room will be an overhaul of, (what will be), our guest room.

This little room has changed duties several times in the nearly 10 years we’ve owned our home.  When we bought it, it was used as the owner’s bedroom. (!!)  And I say “owner’s” and not master bedroom because the true master bedroom (with en suite bath) was used as strictly a guest room…strange.

One of the first images of our home, which is forever burned into my brain…


(this is actually the neighboring dining room, which they used as a living room and yes, that is a gimongous bird cage!! You get the idea, though, right?!?!  Yikes.)

We never really saw it as a bedroom because it almost functions more as a pass-through room with a built in hallway, since it has doors on either end, connecting the dining room with the back hallway to the other bedrooms. Again, strange.  We originally used it as a cozy tv room (it was amazing for surround sound!), but then when we switched around a few spaces last summer, it transitioned into part “office” and part catch-all. Then, recently, it was vacated as we finished another space in our basement and created a legit office for my business.20151001_123044

This is from 3 weeks ago, during the tornado of my office move…(which I can’t believe I am showing y’all! My mother is probably hiding her eyes and dying of shame right now…sorry Mom!)

 So, it has really has a sort of sad existence…but NO MORE!

Here is a glimpse of where we are heading:

ellebright designs ORC Board

It’ll be little bit classic-trad, a little bit equestrian, and a whole lot bit pretty!

Follow along here and on instagram and please wish me luck!!!


Guess who’s back…back again…


So, some of you may know that once upon a time, I had a blog. It wasn’t big and it definitely wasn’t important, (I think I had maybe few hundred followers), but I loved blogging and it was really a great way to channel my creativity during a time when I wasn’t doing as much actual design work. However, as I became busier and as social media dug in its claws, I got way too lazy to keep cranking out mediocre posts.

OK, so here I am, years later, (and busier than ever), and I’m blogging again…WHAT THE WHAT!?  

Well, I figured it was now or never for me to participate in the popular One Room Challenge that Linda of Calling It Home created and so, here I am.

What all that means is that ready or not, one week from today I’ll be starting the Challenge and will be linking up every Thursday for the next 6 weeks.

Each week I’ll post progress on my room and the final reveal will be on Thursday, November 12!

I’m either crazy or stupid, or quite possibly, both. Maybe we’ll just say I’m a glutton for punishment?!

Follow along on Wednesdays as the ORC participants post and then come back on Thursdays for all the linking guest participant posts!  It’s gonna be fun and chaotic, but most of all, inspiring!

ORC Guest Blue