One Room Challenge Week 5

So, here we are again. It’s week 5 of this thing and we are steamrolling into the final reveal!

This week we got a rug down, ( I say “a rug” and not “the rug” because this one will have to just be a place holder. Sadly, the antique oushak rug from Turkey will most likely NOT make it here in time…)200TAJT03

Just a basic jute rug. It’s really a bit too small for the room, but the look works for now.

The bed was moved in, which felt pretty major and I got the bedding finalized.


I’m excited to finally be able to give this bed the type of room that it deserves. It’s a rustic Georgia pine version of a rice planter bed that my Gram bought years and years ago, with me in mind. ♥

I’ve gotten a couple of pieces I had monogrammed back and a few other odds and ends arrived.

Like these, for instance:

“I like turtles”

And if you follow me on instagram, you saw this pic earlier in the week:

Capture This is one of a pair of these adorable trunks from PB Teen.  I had bases made for them last night, (shout out to my multi-talented husband and brother in law!) and these will make the coolest bedside tables that a guest room has ever known.

I also got the plate wall completed. Here’s at about the halfway point:


There’s also a gallery-type collection of family photographs that went up. It’s one of my favorite things in our home! I adore photos and especially old heirloom photos, so it’s a great way to incorporate that.  It turned out really well, I think. Also, I’d like to own stock in 3M. We might, I don’t know. But if we don’t, we should!  Those command strips and I are BFFs.

Check check check on the list list. It’s getting close  and I’m a stressball, but the end is in sight!

I still need to work out the kinks of the antique chandelier and get him up! Plus a whole bunch of final touches and then styling the room.  Most of you know, the Devil is in the details and that can take literally hours!

Thanks for checking in with me!  Now, go look and see what everybody else is up to here! See y’all next week!



One Room Challenge Week 4

Holy Cannoli! How is it already week 4?!  I guess it’s true what they say about time flying…?

I’m happy to report that I’m making steady progress and a few items were able to get checked off the list!

I got this chair’s seat recovered.

crappy phone pic due to technical difficulties. mea culpa.

Yes, I used Celerie Kemble’s Betwixt again. I like it, so sue me.  I also love that I’m getting to use this chair.  It’s been stashed in my hoard for almost 5 years! It’s an antique repro from Wisteria and I think it’s darling. Oh, and the doors are painted and up on the Billys! Woot!

The drapery hardware went up and so did the panels. (Still working on the finials, though…)

crappy phone pic due to technical difficulties.

I used these espresso dupioni silk panels from Pottery Barn.  5 of them used to hang in our master bedroom, but have been stored for a couple of years. And that,  dear people, is why I’m a hoarder! You never know when something might come back around and into good use! I mean, $180 each and they were in a storage closet!  I love how they look layered over the custom roman shades. Cozy, right? I’m planning to add some trim to the leading edge before the final reveal. It’s a little plain-Jane now, but I’m glad I went with solids instead of adding in more pattern.  I think this little guest room has more than enough pattern as it is!!


I’ve had that old Erasure song playing on a loop…in my head…I just can’t get enough, I just can’t get enough, I just can’t get enough, I just can’t get enough…Y’all get the idea, right?


This little beaut of a bracket also arrived during the past week. She’s Italian, (like me), so I know she’s good people, but came to me via Hollywood, (so you know she’s got a colorful past). I think she coordinates quite nicely and looks like a match made in heaven with my little wooden Italian box.


I’m planning on putting my new favorite transferware plate on her…


Eeeek!  Squirrel and acorns and oak leaves?!  Happy clap!! (This Alpha Gam still likes to rep it!)

But, I still gotta work out the exact layout. Have a preference?20151025_16181020151025_162259I’m leaning towards the second one.

And finally, if you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw my posts earlier in the week. One showed the wall lamps that went up on the bookcases:


I would have loved to use the Visual Comfort Boston library sconces, but I think these bad boys from Lowes offer a lot of look for under $50 each! Holla!

And then the other evening, I showed you this:


I was about to get my craft on and transform this cute little bamboo and rattan plant stand/side table, (graciously donated to the cause by my dear mama- Thanks again, Mom!!)  

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find the right sized antique tortoiseshell bamboo plant stand/side table of my dreams that didn’t cost over $1800! I mean, let’s be real. I have IKEA bookcases in here…so that wasn’t happening!!

via 1st Dibs $1875
via 1st Dibs $2500

So, I got out my paints and brushes again and I said my prayers…And now here’s mine:


Not too shabby, eh? And I saved myself at least $1800!

Well, loves, that’s all for this post. 4 weeks down, 2 more to go!!

Thanks for stopping by and go check out the other participants!!!


One Room Challenge Week 2

So, we’re one week in and I’m feeling pretty good about this room now. This could all change, of course…!!

Last Thursday, I showed you my inspiration board and sorta kinda what the room I was working with looked like. You can read that post here. Here’s the board and I did more scrounging and found an image of the room from our final walk-through of the house…the fact that it was actually empty was shocking!

lovely ceiling fan, no?

and here’s where I want to take it:

ellebright designs ORC Board

I already had a few things that I knew I wanted to use in the space, the main thing being the rolls of that Schumacher buffalo check wallpaper that I’d been hoarding for a couple of years!!

Schumacher Papercheck

When I was trying to decide what I wanted our new guest room to look like, I went to old trusty, Pinterest. Now, those that know me, know that I keep a pretty chock full o’ inspiration set of pinboards, organized by room. So I had tons of ideas to pull from. Some of my favorites for this space included these:

I have loved this image of Heather Chadduck’s former bedroom for-like-ever.heatherchadduckbedroom

And apparently, I just really like her style, (who doesn’t though?), because I also pulled her newer bedroom, as featured in Southern Living a few years ago

Heather Chadduck via Southern Living

I also knew I wanted to relocate my collection of brown and cream transferware into the guest room. They’ve lived a happy life in our dining room, but as my tastes have changed, I crave seeing different style in the main rooms of our home. Of course, I wasn’t going to part with my little collection- I still love it, but it’s not something I want to see every day. Perfect solution: GUEST ROOM!

This image jumped out at me because of both the transferware and the chocolate buffalo check.

Southern Accents
via The Enchanted Room, from Southern Accents

This entire kitchen by Lauren DeLoach was a major inspiration that has carried over into other projects of mine, but I pulled this image of the dining area because it had just the right blend of traditional and casual. Plus, I remember reading a quote of hers in the Traditional Home article about giving up the fight with her clients who really wanted a tv in their eat-in kitchen. I love it. As designers, we’ve all been there, but like anything else, you learn to choose your battles and that is not one to fight.  I mean, we live in our homes and the reality is that, for most of us, tv is a part of our life. Why try to cover that up or act like your home is a museum?!  I’m all for making a space beautiful, but isn’t it really and truly about living life comfortably in a beautiful space and being surrounded by things that we love?  So, you guessed it, a tv is going in the guest room (duh!) and Ima gonna pretty it up a bit!

Lauren DeLoach via Traditional Home

So, now you can see where some of my ideas came from.

One of the biggest things that had to get accomplished in the room was having it painted and having the wallpaper installed and that was scheduled to happen today, but…as luck would have it, my installer had an opening and came out LAST Friday and wham, bam, boom and pow, that ish is ALL DONE.

And y’all, let me just say that it is good. Like REALLY  good.  I cannot wait to show you the whole thing, but I don’t want to reveal too much, too soon! So, this is all you get…a teeny tiny little snippet:

bad lighting and I don’t even care because my face is MELTED!

There’s still TONS to do, but at least some of the biggest things are already in place. Still on my list:

  • add moulding and trim out bookcases
  • add doors to bookcases
  • finish clearing out the room
  • finalize the bedding
  • reupholster the chair seat
  • refinish the vintage dresser
  • refinish the side table
  • source accessories and zhush the shelves (leftover wallpaper?!)
  • have bases made for the nightstands
  • who’s going to win the chandelier/fan debate?
  • Rug!
  • drapery hardware revamp
  • Install! (furniture, accessories, art, drapery, etc. etc. etc.)

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